Sep 03 2016

New Flower Essences, New Energies, New. . . Everything!

It is fitting that, on a New Moon in the month of Virgo, we are finally ready to announce some big changes here ~ all of which are definitely going to help YOU (and your families and companion animals.)

First of all, we have two new apprentices ~ and I think you are going to like them very much!  We have been having an amazing time with their training; they are bright, dedicated and heart-centered.  And a whole lot of fun!

Meet Daniel and Kristen:

Daniel and Kristen

Meet Daniel and Kristen, our new apprentices

Next, we have some new flowers ~ to help you navigate these intense energies.  I’ll be sharing some of them soon, and tell you which ones will help you must.

Finally, we will be making some new custom blends this fall.  And while I’m on that topic. . . I am opening up a few more slots for consultations, if you or someone in your family needs a custom blend made specially for you.  (That IS our strength here, you know. . . )

Thank you for your continued support ~ and for showing up to THE most exciting times in the history of the planet.  (Let us know how we can help you make your journey here more comfortable, meaningful, and joyful!)

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