Sep 24 2013

Stop taking on other people’s energies!

If you’re someone who seems like a sponge for other people’s energies, you know how draining it can be.  While taking on other people’s energies can happen to anyone, there are certain people who are more prone than others to taking on unwanted energies from others:

  • healers (therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, doctors, clinicians, etc.)
  • empaths
  • highly sensitive people
  • Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids, teens and adults

Because it seems so gradual, often you don’t even realize it’s happening — until you start feeling symptoms of heaviness, anger, depression, sadness, or some form of illness manifesting in your physical body.   By the time you figure out that “it’s not you” — the energies are already draining you.   If it happens repeatedly, you may be suffering from chronic sensory or energetic overload, including adrenal exhaustion.

Do you accidentally take on energy from others?  It happens!  Image by Erik deGraaf

Do you accidentally take on energy from others? It happens! Image by Erik deGraaf

There is new help (and hope) for you.  We have developed a robust flower essence formula, specially prepared to keep you from taking on other people’s energies; it acts as an energetic shield for your system.  It doesn’t matter why you have been taking on other people’s energies, but it DOES matter that you do something effective about it.

Energy clearing rituals will help (and I recommend them) but a better and more effective way to deal with the situation is to give your electrical system the extra support it needs.   The Healers Formula flower essences serve to protect you and keep your energy fields in integrity when you’re in contact with others.  It works for anyone who:

  • commutes or has to deal with the public frequently
  • is in close contact with people who are in a healing process or who are discharging strong emotions
  • first responders, EMTs and service personnel in all fields
  • even people who are in regular contact with others online or via electronic media (yes, you CAN be affected by the energy fields of people online, if you’re sensitive enough and don’t have strong energy shields.)

For those of you who are new to flower essences, if you think that flower essences are not strong enough to do this kind of “heavy lifting” you’re in for a surprise and a treat.  This formula in particular is very powerful; it helps to keep your energy intact even around strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) and for travelers exposed to atmospheric radiation while airborne.

For those with dietary restrictions, you can have a choice of preservatives (organic non-GMO alcohol; glycerine made from coconuts; distilled white vinegar; or red shiso in a white vinegar suspension.)   The flower essences do not interfere with any medication or dietary protocol you may have, and have no side effects.

The Healers Formula comes in two sizes:  1 ounce and 2 ounce cobalt dropper-top bottles, for $20 and $35.00 respectively.

If you’d like extra energetic support, you might also like some of our energetic and auric sprays, to help keep your home or office clear of negativity.  We also carry organic White Sage and Organic Sweetgrass Sprays.  When you take flower essences AND use the energy clearing sprays, you have both internal support along with the external/environmental support too :-)  That works out quite well for most sensitive people, regardless of their working environment or situation.  The energy clearing sprays are especially useful for travel, too, because you can take them places where burning is not allowed (such as most modern healing settings, hotel rooms, and airplanes.)

If you’d like to try both products together, we made a special bundle for healers.  You can buy a 1-ounce bottle of the Healers Formula Flower Essences and a 1-ounce bottle of Organic Liquid Smudge with the Healers Formula Flower Essences added, to give you a complete experience of shielding and clearing.  We don’t have this bundle up on the web site yet, but until we do, you can buy it here.

There is no reason you have to suffer from taking on the unwanted energies of other people, when help is at hand.  Try some of the flower essences, and/or the energy clearing sprays, and see how they can help; and if you like it, share it with a friend or colleague, too.


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Sep 18 2013

Star Struts ~ Put the SHOW Into Your Dog, Cat, Horse or Rabbit

When you want your dog, cat, horse, or rabbit to concentrate and focus on you in the ring (whether for performance or conformation) — not on the other animals or handlers or what is happening in the next ring, only on you — help is here.   Our Star Struts flower essence formula is a proven winner, and makes a winner out of YOUR top dog (or cat, horse, or rabbit.)

For more than three years now, we’ve been supporting show dogs, cats, and horses (and hey, some handlers, too!) to gain confidence and poise for their time in the spotlight.  Here are some of the ways the Star Struts formula helps:

  • When you want your dog/cat/horse to stop fidgeting and be calm and confident, poised with all attention on you and what you want, not at all concerned with anything else around them.  (Need we mention females in season here?  Yes, it even works for stud dogs who are distracted with mating pheromones!)
  • When you want him/her to know that s/he is a beautiful animal and “has what it takes” — gaiting smoothly and confidently when it’s time to move, strutting his or her stuff eagerly and proudly.  And in the performance ring for performance events?  Moving through even the most challenging routines like a pro.
  • When your “pick of litter” is a bit shy and hesitant to get out there in the spotlight, Star Struts offers the right energy and inner confidence to go out and shine.
  • When the sounds and smells and commotion are distractions your show boy or girl finds overwhelming, particularly if it’s the first time out.  The Star Struts formula allows your dog/cat/horse/rabbit to process the information in ways that are comfortable; transform overwhelm to confidence.

This is the flower essence formula that will give you the edge of focus, concentration, confidence and eager show ring performance that you are looking for.  Try it today on your young show prospects and watch them blossom into the stars they really deserve to be.

This year, in addition to the flower essence formula, we’ve added aromatherapy and made it into a convenient spray that you can take with you for training and for use just before entering the ring.   We’ve learned that using a combination of the flower essence drops along with the spray formula gives your star prospects an unbeatable combination for taking home more ribbons at their shows.

Start them on the drops first for several weeks, and then introduce the spray formula a week or two before heading to the show ring.   If you have a show prospect that’s not quite confident yet, you should try the Star Struts combination pack and get better results right from the beginning.

Start your uncertain show prospects off on the right foot, and make their show careers outstanding.

P.S.  This is an excellent formula for people with “stage fright” too!  Help them take the stage fearlessly — and rock their lines to perfection.


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Aug 21 2013

Introducing the “Busters” Series

Most of us have at least one bad habit, that we wish would just go away.

But the thing is, habits don’t just “go away.”  You have to work on them.  And sometimes will power alone isn’t enough, especially when food or other substances are involved.  You need more help for those.  And really, for most of them.

If you’ve been struggling with a bad habit and not having much luck, don’t be too hard on yourself.  It might not be your fault.  You just don’t have the right tools.  Yet.

New help is here — and it’s more powerful than you might think.  Flowers are small, but they really pack a wallop when you’re using their essences.  They carry powerful patterns for change.  And breaking habits (and forming good, new ones) is all ABOUT change!

Break through your bad habits with our new Busters Series of Flower Essences

Break through those bad habits with our new Busters Series of Flower Essences

We can help you make it easy.   Our new line of flower essences help you break old habits and form healthier new ones; they give you the precise patterns you need to help you break free of all habitual patterns.  The new series is called the Busters Series — because that’s what it does.  It busts old habits and helps you form new ones.

If habits are keeping you miserable, or keeping you from being and doing everything you want, then you really need to give yourself the new energy patterns that actually work.  That’s what we have.

Learn more and buy them here.  (You can get discounts when you order several or more at the same time; some of them work even better in combination.  Check it out!)

I’ll be sharing more about each of the formulas in this series soon.  You may want to join our RSS feed or mailing list, to make sure you get all the details and news about this series and other new formulas.  It’s been a busy summer and we’re not done yet!


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Aug 21 2013

New Bone Heal Formula

While I’ve known about a group of flowers whose purpose it is to help heal broken bones, it’s only recently that I made up a formula for it.  A friend of mine recently broke her ankle, and while she is an alternative healer herself, she was surprised to discover that there are flower essences that can help people and animals heal their broken bones — even if it’s just a “bone bruise” (which is pretty painful, too.)

nre healomg formula for broken bones

Broken bones now have a new healing formula to speed your bone healing
Photo by decade3d

The new Bone Heal Formula gives your body the pattern to knit together breaks in any bone.  It speeds the healing process markedly and helps ease pain and swelling in the affected area.  My friend said that within a week of taking this formula, she was able to put weight on her foot (which is in a cast) without pain; her doctor told her it would be at least 3 weeks before she would be able to do that.  She feels that the healing has accelerated to a MUCH greater degree than it would have without the flower essences.  That’s good news!

While I don’t advise rushing the healing process (for instance, you can test out your leg or ankle, but don’t go on a 4-mile hike without your crutches!) — I do say that your healing process will be more complete, thorough, and with less pain if you take flower essences.  Your body will know how to accelerate the healing process for you and get you back to a healthy state more rapidly than you would without the new patterns in place.

Flower essences are all about patterns.   This formula holds the pattern for bone healing.  If you, a child, or a pet has a broken bone?  You need this formula! 

Oh and do also remember to administer Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) as soon as possible after a bone breaks, and all through the healing process whenever there is pain.  It “reminds” your circuits what “normal” feels like :-)


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Aug 02 2013

Grand Trine Merkaba Activator Formula

On July 29, 2013 there was an extraordinary celestial pattern in the skies, one that some say opened the next 26,000 year cycle after the last one ended on 12/21/12.  Here is a link where you can learn more about this special pattern and what it might mean:  Grand Trine Merkaba.

At the request of one of the Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, I made a flower essence formula that captured the energy of this moment in time, encoded and sealed.  You can learn more about the Healing Groups here and here.

Bright Wings Essences

Bright Wings Essences

It was made originally for one of my Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, when they chose their July flower essence formula.  Here’s what they told me they wanted the formula to do for them:


  • crystal clarity
  • deeply encode the Sacred Feminine energy
  • become fearless and free


I so loved the way one member said it that I’m sharing it here with you, because it’s what I built the formula around:

“I want clarity.  I want crystal clarity.  I want my mind to feel like a star burning.  I want my body to feel like the ocean stirring.  I want my breath to feel like a refreshing breeze that restores me.”

So I made a formula that does this.  AND. . . I made it within the Great Trine Merkaba energy on July 29, 2013.  The formula is encoded and aligned with the heart of the Universe, as it manifests beauty and sacred life force energy.  You can buy it here.

The other thing is, members of the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group get that formula at no additional cost.  If you’re not a member, you’ll pay $35.00 a bottle.  It’s VERY special.  If you’re a member of the Group, it’s already included in your membership fee.  Along with the ability to connect with me and with other cool people solving their top issues every month.

To get a custom blended formula made for you?  Right now that will cost you $150.00.  For EACH custom blend you want.  You can get that for vonly $50.00 a month through the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group.  And help heal the consciousness of humanity.

Why not join now?  New groups are forming this week.  Come be part of a great awakening!

But if you just want the Grand Trine Merkaba Activator?  You can get it here.

You win either way :-)



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